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Thanks for visiting Everyday Cooks.

We put this site up for other people like us to share recipes. We like to cook. We like to eat, and we like to entertain with dinner or snacks and good wine. We are not formally trained or 'experts', but we care about what we eat.

If you would like to share your favorite recipes, we'd love to see them and add them to this online collection. Take a look at the SHARE page—the form is easy to follow. Most of our recipes come from other sources, and we are careful to credit them. You can even add a Web link if your source has a Website.

We are just getting started with this site, so we don't have a lot of recipes loaded in yet. We'll keep at it, though, and together we'll build a terrific recipe book we can all use. Check Everyday Cooks next time you need a recipe.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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We watched Annie Somerville make this wonderful salad for a demonstration at a Chef's Holiday in Yosemite, Feb 2014. We loved the taste and quality, and have made it (and eaten it) with pleasure. We did not know that farro originated in Tuscany, but Annie says it can substitute for wheat in a recipe (it also has gluten). Here's Annie's description:

Farro has a nutty, complex taste and chewy texture that's perfect for marinated salads. Toss the warm farro with the Citrus Ginger Vinaigrette to soak up all the flavors. If dried cherries aren't available, use any flavorful dried fruit instead. You can also substitute toasted almonds for the pistachios....More

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