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Everyday Cooks Rejuvenated
By Glenn

You can see from the only other 'news' story on this site that Everyday Cooks was first launched almost exactly 7 years ago, at the end of 2002. It was made for us by a talented woman named Michelle Miles who worked with me at Ciceron in Minneapolis.

In the rough and tumble world of the Internet, coupled with our move to Cali in 2003, the site got broken. Nobody's fault; just fell off the shelf. So finally we found Robert Fuess of Spiderweb Logic in Los Osos who understood the old Microsoft coding of the site, and he repaired it in December 2009.

What's good about this site?

You can file your recipes here and share them with a zillion friends at once.

You can print a hardcopy of the recipe when you want to use it. These prints are known for how flat they lie on the countertop.

You can search for recipes using keywords, like the name of the person (you?) who submitted it. Or search for an ingredient or a type of dish.

What's lame about this site?

Next to sex sites, there are more cooking, recipe, home gadget and home "economics" sites on the web than anything else.

Still, I don't know of other sites that are as easy to use for your own storing and sharing of favorite recipes.

That said, you do have to enter data. It can be tedious! But I think well worth the effort, and your friends will thank you. I know I will thank you.

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