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A long time ago, John and Stacy grew up and left home.

We missed them and we worried too, of course. There wasn't much we could do to help them (meddle) when they were across town or across the country. Not even make a hot meal.

So, one day we decided to make a cookbook of recipes they enjoyed, or we thought they would enjoy. A little memory of home that could nourish the body. Most of these recipes came from the newspaper or a cooking magazine or a friend, but we replicated them in a spiral-bound notebook and gave them to John and Stacy, and other friends we thought might use the recipes.

That started us on a continuing series of homemade books, now up to seven, the last one done for Christmas 2011. Every 3 or 4 years around the Holidays, we make another one and share it.

Now, we are collecting some of these same recipes, plus new ones into this Website.

Would you like to join us? We'd love to share our Everyday Cooking with you, and hear about your recipes in return.

Marlys and Glenn

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