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Main Dishes - Meat
Turkey 1/1/1900

Using Leftover Morro Bay Turkey in Oakland

Submitted by: Susan Ode

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Servings: Variable-How hungry are you?

You don't really have to return on the train with left over turkey from a lovely Thanksgiving celebration in Morro Bay and remember a potluck party the next day. But you do need left over turkey.

Augment the best ingredient (turkey, see above) with left over gravy and available vegetables from the refrigerator (tomatoes and mushrooms work well) plus pasta.

For example:
Tomtoes, chopped
Sliced mushrooms
Onions, chopped
Green vegie, etc.

Pasta, such as penne rigate.

Turkey and gravy may be infused with traditional seasonings or add: sage and tastes you like.

Pine nuts, toasted.

Saute mushrooms/onions in butter or olive oil. A little garlic would be good.

Toast pine nuts.

Cook pasta and layer in dish with other ingredients as determined by what's available in your refrigerator. Top with toasted pine nuts.

Heat 20-30 minutes in 350 degree (of course) oven.

Wrap and walk carefully to the potluck party.

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