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Vegetables/Side Dishes Jean Robbins
Sweet Potato/Squash/Pumpkin 1/1/1900

Sweet Potatoes

Submitted by: Jean Robbins

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Servings: 8

I was having company for Thanksgiving, a gourmet cook, and didn't want to put out the plain jane yams with marshmellows. But it was a family favorite so I decided to spice it up a bit.

1-29 ounce can sweet potatoes
cup butter cut into pieces
cup brown sugar
teaspoon cinnamon
teaspoon crystalized ginger-crushed and minced
1- cups mini marshmallows

Drain sweet potatoes, set aside about cup liquid. Arrange potatoes in medium baking dish, distribute butter pieces evenly on top, sprinkle brown sugar on top, set aside. Add cinnamon and crystalized ginger to saved liquid, stir well and pour over yams. Bake @ 400 for 15-20 minutes then add marshmallows to top and bake another 5-10 minutes depending on how you like your marshmallows.

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