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Sandwiches Marlys and Glenn
Bacon/Ham 12/1/1986


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Servings: 4

These open-faced, broiled sandwiches almost qualify as a guilty pleasure. They are fueled by several good fatty foods, they are very easy, and they satisfy. You'll find lots of similar recipes around, so modify to your heart's content.

Marlys and Glenn

4 English muffins, split and toasted
Dijon (or spicy) mustard
2 green onions, chopped, and/or ¼ cup chopped parsley
8 slices bacon, cooked til crisp
1 large ripe avocado
2 tomatoes, thinly sliced
Monterrey jack cheese
Cheddar cheese

Cook bacon, drain, and set aside. Toast English muffin halves. Spread each half with mayo and mustard. Sprinkle green onions and/or parsley on each half. Divide avocado slices equally among muffins. Put sliced tomatoes next. Cut bacon slices in half and put on top of avocado and tomato slices, dividing equally among halves. Cover each half with combination of slices of jack and cheddar cheeses. Broil until cheese is bubbly, beginning to brown.

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